Living Simplified


After my first son was born in 2002 I started to be conscious of the products that I was putting on my son’s skin and also the food I was going to feed him.

I started to replace the toxic cleaning products that we were using in our home with non-toxic products.

I discovered Lilou Organics in Manotick, Ontraio.  Lisa Schmidt started this company while trying to find high quality non-toxic products for her children.  Lisa has already done the research on the products they carry to ensure they are all high quality and non-toxic.  Saves me time and I feel confident that I’m buying safe products for my family.

I also starting following the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 List when buying my fruits and vegetables, buy foods that are grown close to home when possible, growing my own vegetable garden in the Summer and buying fresh foods when possible.

I created this blog to share  information and safe products that I have found for my family and hoping that you will make  simple and healthier choices for yourself and your family!




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