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Deodorant – Soap Walla Citrus Deodorant Cream

Price: $18.00

Available at: Oresta Organic Skin Care, Ottawa

Ingredient List available here

Review: I bought this in February 2016 after reading many reviews online.  I have tried so MANY natural deodorants over the years.  I have been using this cream for just over a week and so far it actually works all day.  I’m super impressed!  I have been following what other users online have recommended which is to shave at night and not in the morning before applying this deodorant as the baking soda can irritate the skin.  Would definitely recommend 🙂


Primer Powder – Alima Pure Balancing Primer Powder

Price: $27.00

Available at: Lilou Organics

Review: UPDATE March 2016 – Still love this product – use it everyday and never have to reapply pressed powder throughout the day!  I got this for the first time in January 2016.  Tried it today and went on very nice. I found that throughout the day it really does keep my skin matte.  You can use it under or over foundation or both.


Liquid Foundation – Suki Tinted Moisturizing Foundation

Price: $54.95

Available at: Lilou Organics and Terra20

Review: UPDATE March 2016 – Got terrible news that Suki will be discontinuing this product summer 2016 – I’m not happy!!  I’m hoping they will replace it.  A bit pricey but just use a little and this bottle lasts a long time – works great to even out your skin.  I love it!!


Concealer Cream – Couleur Caramel Corrective Cream

Price: $19.50

Available at: Lilou Organics

Review: Great to keep in your purse to conceal little spots!


Liquid Concealer – Dr. Hauschka 

Price: $24.00

Available at: Lilou Organics

Review: I bought this for the first time in February 2016.  Great to keep in your purse and use on any little blemishes during the day.


Eye Shadow – Alima Pure Eyes

Price: $16.00

Available at: Lilou Organics

Review: Love these eye shadows – easy to apply, stay on all day and these small containers last forever!  My favorite colours are:  Nigella, Milan, Bramble, Daphne, Raven, Espresso and Cedar 🙂


Mascara – Couleur Caramel

Price: $24.00

Available at: Lilou Organics

Review: Applies great with no lumps, doesn’t irritate my eyes at all like drug store mascaras did.

colour mascara

Eyeliner – Alima

Price: $21.00

Available at: Lilou Organics

Review: Really like how this goes on – very smooth and stays all day.



Eyebrow Pencil – Couleur Caramel

Price: $21.00

Available at: Lilou Organics

Review: I bought this in February 2016.  I really like the light brown/blonde colour and stays all day!


Lip Gloss – Couleur Caramel

Price: $24.00

Available at: Lilou Organics

Review: I bought this in January 2016 – #14-soft nude.  Really like that it doesn’t smell and isn’t sticky at all.  Stayed on better than any other natural lip gloss I’ve tried.  Just need a little bit!


Lip Balm – John Masters Organics Lip Calm

Price: $8.00

Available at: Lilou Organics

Review: Love this lip balm.  Isn’t sticky and doesn’t have a strange taste. Maybe to glossy for my boys liking but my daughter and I love it!


Shampoo & Conditioner – John Masters

I have been using John Masters Unscented Shampoo and Conditioner for myself and my children since 2011.   It’s  $19.00 a bottle but I have taught my kids that a little goes a long way and the bottles last a long time.

It’s available at Lilou Organics or Terra20 (Pinecrest Mall)


jm_shampp                      4520

Dry Shampoo – Lulu Organics Hair Powder

Price: $29.00

Available at: Lilou Organics

Review: I have bought many dry shampoos and they have all irritated my scalp.  I love this one it doesn’t bother my scalp and smells good!!  Bottle lasts forever.


John Masters – Unscented Body Lotion

Price: $18.00

Review:  Works great for the whole family.  Gentle on my children’s skin — no more irritation!!  Also a good sized bottle for a family of 5 🙂


Suki Pure Facial Moisture – Nourishing

Price: $32.95

Review:  Great especially in the dry winter month but can be used all year round.  Apply a couple of drops nightly before bed.  I swear by this stuff — it’s amazing!


Liquid hand soap – Dr. Bonner

Price $17.99 / 32oz.

Available at: Lilou Organics and Natural Food Pantry

Review:   I bought this in January 2016 at the Natural Food Pantry and put it in my foaming soap bottle at home (1 part soap/3 parts water).  I purchased the citrus scent – smells great and foams up really well.




Nail Polish – Butter

Butter London is a ‘3 free’ polish – meaning that it is ‘free’ of the ‘big 3’ toxic ingredients typically found in mainstream polish. Butter London is not a non-toxic water-based polish.

Price $17.50

Available at: Lilou Organics

Review:   So happy to find a nail polish for myself and my daughter.  The colours stay on my toes just as long as the chemical based nail polishes.  It doesn’t smell awful like regular nail polish and also doesn’t have many of the toxic ingredients in it.   My favorite colour is Saucy Jack:)



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