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UPDATE (Jan 2016):  We’ve had our Santevia Water Filter for 4 years now and still love it!  We have only had to replace the spout and it works better now with the new spout because you don’t have to hold the spout down to pour water.  Kids use it all the time and so do we.  Super convenient and tastes great!

Water intake

How much? Adults should drink between 2-3 litres of water per day. If you want to figure out how much you should drink check out this calculator.

When? You should try to stop drinking any fluids approximately 20 minutes before eating and 1 hour or more after eating. If you drink water during eating it slows down the proper digestion that needs to take place and can cause indigestion, bloating, etc.

Warm or Cold? Warm/room temperature water is best to drink because your body doesn’t need to expend energy/time bringing that water to you body temperature. Cold water shocks the system and will make the stomach contract for a short period of time. Cold water lessen the body’s ability to digest the food taken and lengthens the digestion time.

The Santevia Pure Earth Water Countertop System was recommended to me. You can purchase it at Rainbow Foods for $179.99.  I bought one in December 2011 and LOVE it.  Water tastes great and so easy and accessible for the kids to use themselves they are drinking water all the time 🙂    It removes chlorine and most pharmaceuticals and there are many benefits from drinking Mineralized water

Below is a photo of our Santevia Water System.  I bought 30 small glasses from IKEA and our 3 kids can easily access it and they drink so much more water now!!



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