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Guildcraft the Duvet and Pillow Company

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I have to recommend this company — Guildcraft the Duvet and Pillow Company We bought a light weight queen sized duvet from them in early 2000 at a craft show in Ottawa and we LOVE it!! It’s so easy to throw in the washer and dryer.  Around 10 years after we bought it we shipped it back to the company in Guelph (the company paid for the shipping costs) and they used the down feathers from our duvet and made it into a King size. At the same time we purchased 2 queen sized Down Surround Feather and Down Pillows ($79/each) and honestly they are the best pillows we have ever had. Totally worth the money. The best part is that every few years you can ship the pillows to them and for $15 each they will take out the feathers and sterilize them in a machine and put them in a new pillow casing. Really worth it when you think of what you can spend on replacing your pillows!



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